With three decades of hosting world class freestyle events the organizer LAAX boasts a huge background, competence and passion for the sport and its riders. Experience freestyle lifestyle first hand.

LAAX Original

Many of today’s snowboarders weren’t even born when the first riders were exploring the LAAX area with their snowboards several decades ago; when the first pipe was being built in LAAX over 30 years ago; and even when the first international contests were being held at the end of the 80s! What a revolution snowboarding has initiated! What a history it has created. And what spirit and joy of life it has given. It’s what we love: surfing on snow and everything else that comes with it. It’s a cult(ure)! It’s LAAX roots.


To join the freestyle facilities and the entire winter destination Flims Laax Falera head over to the LAAX website to find the right accommodation and download the LAAX INSIDE app to get your lift ticket.