Currently the LAAX OPEN team is in the process of establishing COVID-19 safe areas and procedures. This work is in progress in close cooperation with both the FIS and the Swiss NSA (Swiss-Ski/Swiss Snowboard), as well as with medical and other specialists in the field. All our efforts are driven to keep you safe from the moment you set foot in Laax until you depart after the competition. More detailed information shall be available in due time ahead of the FIS Snowboard World Cup LAAX OPEN 2021 as the COVID-19 concept finalizes.



Will the LAAX OPEN 2021 take place?

Yes, the LAAX OPEN 2021 will take place from 19 - 23 January 2021. In addition to the protection concept for regular winter sports operations, measures will also be taken at the LAAX OPEN to ensure a safe execution of the event. To this end, we are in regular contact with the authorities and associations.

Are there parties and side events at the LAAX OPEN 2021?

Due to the current situation, we are unfortunately unable to hold any concerts, parties or side events.

Are spectators allowed at the slopestyle and halfpipe competitions?

As the full destination area is open for the public to do winter sports, also the slopes and lifts around the Crap Sogn Gion mountain – the hub of the FIS Snowboard World Cup LAAX OPEN – are in service and prepared. Neither special spectator areas nor tickets are planned to follow the competitions.

Where can I watch the slopestyle and halfpipe contest?

A world-class slopestyle course and the spectacular tricks in the halfpipe should be reason to watch the spectacle live on stream. The finals of the LAAX OPEN 2021 can be seen worldwide on and will be broadcasted on different channels on TV and online. Please see all broadcast times and options in our overview.

Covid-19 Safety Concept

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